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Arts Impact Stories

July 26, 2016

TFTA believes that, although we speak for the arts whenever and wherever we see a need, it is important for everyone to have the power to speak for themselves. We believe that telling your own story — whether as an artist, an organization, a community member or leader, or as a business — is the best way to communicate the impact of the arts. If you, your organization, or your community have been positively impacted by the arts, we want to hear it and see it! TFTA will collect these inspirational stories here to share with others. Let’s hear your story!

Arts Impact Stories 2017

Cazateatro Bilingual Theatre Group

Germantown Performing Arts Center

Sculpture Fields at Montague Park


Birthplace of Country Music

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts


Paint Memphis

Tennessee Craft:Future Artists

Tennessee Craft: Creating Community

National Storytelling Festival

Storytelling: A Peaceful Power-Kiran Singh Sirah

The Arts Transform: Lee Galloway

Playback Memphis

Knox County Library: Children's Festival of Reading

This project made possible through support of theTennessee Arts Commission